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The Bailiff Bridge Fountain .....just a faded memory!

Here is the Bailiff Bridge fountain and drinking trough which was formally handed over to the Hipperholme Urban District Council to be custodians of it.  LadyJanet Firth, the wife fo Sir Algernon Firth of T.F.Firth Manufacturing Co Ltd, who donated and presented it left a sum of money to ensure that it would not become a financial burden to the rate payers. 

Cruise Ship Speaking for a week in the Western Caribbean

Well here we are…. Seven days (July 20/27) on the Caribbean Princess, a cruise ship that has a passenger capacity of 3142 and a crew of 1200. Having seen photographs and YouTube clips I knew the wow factor would soon kick in.

Brighouse & District Heritage Newseum issue number 5 is available............

The fifth issue of the magazine is now widely available.

Starting ther magazine with what was a wishful thinking 'I will give it a go' kind of a project the number of sales on each issue have increased on the four quarterly issues published so far. Already readers are asking about the possibility of a binder for them. This is something I am working on at the moment but it will depend how many readers are interested in purchasing one.

The magazine has now settled into 28 pages which have been welcomed by readers

If any business would like to advertise in the magazine I am setting just one page aside for this purpose. Whilst this aspect is slow at this early stage, I know it will gather momentum. If you would like to advertise in the magazine please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the editor on 07854755756. 

Some may ask: Can such a magazine be sustained each month without repetition? I have been researching our local history and nostalgia for over 45 years and taught adult education local history classes for 30 years. On that basis the pool of material I have available will not dry up. Guest writers are now involved - the future looks good.

There is no such word as can't !.... It is better to at least try and fail, than not try at all because as time goes by it will be too late to even try.

Royalty comes to Town - May 22, 1907

It was May 22, 1907, 112 years today,  when Princess Louise visited Brighouse having been invited to open the new Smith Art Gallery. Not the most memorable of visits for the first member of the royal family to come to Brighouse.

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