All in a Day's Work... The audiobook narrated by the author Chris Helme

All in a Days Work 30 Years as a Brighouse Bobby

Having written several local history books, in 2015 I was approached about a commission to write another one about Brighouse. Feeling that it was still too soon after the previous one, I declined the invitation. However, I did suggest a new book about my 30 years in the police service. Initially the publisher felt it was not the kind of book they published. Several weeks later. the publisher changed his mind and in 2017 'All in a Day's Work' a book about my police service was completed and published.  In 2019, I looked into the possiblity of creating my police book story as an audiobook and with the help and expertise of Ken and Mick at The Studio, in Barnsley and my narration the book was completed.  Findaway Voices the American based audiobook publishers have now accepted the book and it is now widely available .... .


In addition to the 12 chapters the book closes with an epilogue.


To listen to the book in its entirety it can be puchased at almost 40 online audiobook outlets worldwide. Below are just three with more to follow:

To access the Library website please clink on to this link:                  Enjoy the book...

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