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The countdown is on my new book Lost Brighouse and District will be published on August 15, 2024

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Mill Lane closed off outside the Barge Pub during Sainsbury's Supermarket construction - diversion along Phoenix Street - 28 August 1998

Mill Lane closed off during the building of Sainsbury's Supermarket - a big change in the town centre. Now in 2024 we have even more supermarkets - how many does a town with a population of approximately 33,000 actually need. 

Water Water everywhere - The Ford is over flowing c2003

Driving through the Ford in Thornhill Beck Lane was not recommended on this day in 2003.... But as always there will be those that will try it and wonder why they get stuck in the middle and then have to be towed out.

New bridge across the canal...

This scene on the canal is about 2000 and shows the canal being dredged of silt and no doubt a few shopping baskets and possibly the odd trolley as well. With a bit of luck they might find an old safe having been dumped by some burglars.

It could be in this location where the new bypass road would go across the canal having followed the road down Halifax Road, through the un-made car park. It is interesting that over the last week repairs and re-laying of car park surfaces have been announced in the news, but did you notice the same as I did that there was no mention of this car park being repaired or  being re-surfaced. Once the bridge carries traffic across the canal the route will be on Bridge Road behind the Golden Hind fish and chip restaurant.    

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