Sunday Bandstand 16 June 2024

Sunday Bandstand 16 June 2024

Euday Louis Bowman (November 9, 1886 – May 26, 1949) was an American pianist and composer of ragtime and blues who represented the style of Texas Ragtime. He is chiefly remembered as the composer of the highly popular "Twelfth Street Rag", a ragtime composition from 1914 out of a series of rags that Bowman wrote during or after a period in which he worked as a pianist in bordellos ofKansas City. These pieces, including "Sixth Street Rag", "Tenth Street Rag", "Eleventh Street Rag" and "Twelfth Street Rag," were named after streets of Fort Worth's redlight district.

Euday Bowman was the paternal descendant of an early 18th-century German immigrant named Baumann. Three of Bowman's relatives fought in the American Revolution, including two cousins and one direct ancestor. Though several books list Bowman's birth year according to a tradition as 1887, official records show his birthdate as November 9, 1886.

He was born and lived in what was then a village in Tarrant County, Texas. The area, originally named Bowman Springs (according to some sources Bowman Spring) after his grandfather, Isaac Gatewood Bowman (1820-1907), was renamed Webb around 1895. The origin of the Webb name is unknown. It is now a suburb in the southeast area of Arlington. Bowman's parents divorced when he was young, and his mother moved the family to Fort Worth. Both his mother and sister were piano teachers.

A contemporary of Bowman, the ragtime pianist and composer Brun Campbell, published erroneous remarks about Bowman that were subsequently spread in other published narratives. Contrary to Campbell's claims, Bowman did not lose a leg and did not die without heirs. In fact, when Brun wrote that, 24 claimants were involved in a lawsuit establishing the legitimate heirs. Although many sources indicate Bowman lost a leg when he tried to hop a train, that event happened to his cousin and resulted in a lawsuit ultimately decided by the Texas Supreme Court.

In his teens and early twenties, Bowman travelled around as pianist, and was also an arranger for popular orchestras. He lived together with his sister, Miss Mary M. Bowman, who wrote a part of Twelfth Street Rag. Bowman sold the copyright to the song for just $100. Many years later he regained the copyright, having lost out on the royalties earned by the publisher through the many successful interpretations of that rag by artists like Louis Armstrong (1927), Bennie Moten (1927), Duke Ellington (1931), and Pee Wee Hunt (1948). Other works of his include Petticoat Lane RagColorado BluesKansas City BluesFort Worth BluesTipperary BluesShamrock RagWhite Lily Dreams, and Old Glory On Its Way.

Euday had no children, so the royalties went to his sister. Upon her death one year later, Edward G. Max was appointed temporary administrator for her estate. His siblings, Charlotte Goldman and husband and Harry Loyd Max, filed their opposition to Mary Bowman's will, and alleged that they, with Edward G. Max, their brother, were nephews and niece of Mary M. Bowman and were all and the only heirs to her estate. An intervention was filed by Forrest Campbell and twenty-one others, asserting they were cousins of Mary M. Bowman, and children of deceased cousins of Mary M. Bowman, and were the only heirs of deceased Mary M. Bowman. The cousins ultimately prevailed.

Euday Bowman's work is not public domain. Royalties remained distributed among hundreds of descendants of the cousins until 2013, when two descendants bought out the others via private auction.

On this week's show we are featuring Jack Peberdy's brass band arrangement of this classic ragtime piece.

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Playlist 16 June 2024


Recording Details 

Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010  'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010
Fanfare for a Jubilee - Jan Haderman Black Dyke Mills Band MD: James Watson - 2001  'Brass from the Low Countries' - CD - De Haske Records DHR 3.031-3 - 2001
Variations on Princethorpe - Kenneth Downie Enfield Citadel Band of the Salvation Army BM: Richard Phillips - 1998  'Joyous Brass' - CD -  SP&S CD120 - 1998 
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair - Debussy arr. Brandon Ridenour  Trumpet Soloist James Fountain with the Pianist Elliott Laund - 2022 -   'Keep the Music Playing ' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY411
Farandole from the Suite L'Arlesienne - George Bizet arr. Drake Rimmer  Canny Brass (Switzerland) MD: Ronald Frischknecht - 2010  'Annual Concert' - 2010
Bill Bailey - Hughie Cannon arr. Bill Geldard Brass Band of the Western Reserve (USA) MD: Dr Keith Wilkinson  - 2007  'Slide Rule' - CD - BBWRCD02 - 2007
Flow Gently Sweet Afton - Paul Sharman  Trumpet /Flugel Soloist Jens Linderman with the Canadian Staff Band (Canada) BM: John  Lam - 2016  'From the Bandmaster's Vault' - CD - CSB01 - 2016
Norwegian Wood (This bird has flown) - Lennon and McCartney arr. Adrian Drover  Kirkintilloch Band MD: Frank Renton - 1999  'Listen to the Band - Reflections in Brass' - CD - Listen to the Band Collection WMERM 0004-2 - 1996
The Vikings - Philip Sparke Eikanger Bjorsvik Musikklag (Norway) MD: Howard Snell - 1997  'Sparke - The Music of Philip Sparke' - CD - Doyen DOY  CD049 - 1997
12th Street Rag - Euday Bowman arr. Jack Peberdy  Cornet Trio Samantha Harrison, Alexandra King, Hannah Wigley with the Elland Silver Band MD: Morgan Griffiths -   'Elland Silver Band and all that Jazz' - CD - Private Recording. 
St Louis Blues - W.C.Handy  Brass Band Oberaargauer (Switzerland) MD: Manfred Obrecht - 1997  'Crazy Little Things' - CD - Obrasso Recording CD865 - 1997 
Sinfonietta for Brass Band 'The Wayfarer' - Eric Ball  Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1975  'Epic Brass British Music for Brass Band' - Vinyl - Chandos CHAN 4508 - 1975
Sunshine Of Your Smile - Leonard Cooke and Lilian Ray  arr. James Ord Hume Trumpet Soloist Maurice Murphy with the Leyland DAF Band MD: Richard Evans - 2007  'The Lighter Side of Maurice Murphy' - CD - Doyen: DOYCD007 - 2007
Meditation for Brass - Garry Beresford and Gilbert Field Band of the Yorkshire Imperial Metals MD: Trevor Walmsley DFC - 1973  'Sounds of Brass Series Vol: 6' - Vinyl - Decca Recording SB306 - 1973  
The Flying Doctors - Garry McDonald and Lewis stone arr. Rieks van der Velde Brass band De Waldsang (The Netherlands) MD: Rieks van der Velde - 1996  'This Is Brass! - CD - Bernaert Recording - BR96.006 - 1996
Light Cavalry - Franz von Suppe arr. John A. Greenwood Sellers International Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1999  'Best Sellers' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY 093 - 1999 
I don't know how to love him from Jesus Christ Superstar - - Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. J. Graham Walker Cornet Soloist Lynsey Hayes with the Smithills School Senior Band MD: Christopher Wormald - 1999  'A matter of principal - Lynsey Hayes' - CD - SSBS FC CD05 - 1999 
Appalachian Mountain Folk Suite - James Curnow Ensemble de Cuivres Melodia Band (Switzerland) MD:  Pierre-Alain Bidaud - 2008  'Brass Live' - CD -  Marcophon - 2008
Skaters Waltz - Emile Waldteuful  Fodens Band MD: Rex Mortimer - 1969  'Marching And Waltzing' - Vinyl - His Master's Voice – CSD 3665, His Master's Voice – 1E 062 ◦ 04216 - 1969p
Pomp And Circumstance No. 1 - Edward Elgar  arr. Denis Wright Sellers Engineering Band with the Honley Ladies Choir and the Honley Males Voice Choir MD: Philip McCann - 1997  'Land of Hope and Glory' - CD - Doyen Recording DOYCD065 - 1997
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010  'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010

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