Sunday Bandstand 16 May 2021

Sunday Bandstand 16 May 2021

Ernst Stieberitz - b: (Saxony-Anhalt ), May 31,1877 - d: Bohnsack (near Danzig, then Germany, now Gdańsk, Poland), March 27, 1945) he was a German composer, conductor and flautist .

He received his first music lessons at the music school in Camburg on the River Saale. His main instrument was the flute. He started his military career as a flautist on October 1, 1896 in the Military Chapel of the 8. Rheinisches Infantry-Regiment Nr. 70 in Saarbrücken. In 1899, he was moved, together with his conductor to the Military Chapel of the Infantry-Regiment Nr. 128 in Danzig (now Gdańsk). From October 1902 he studied at the Royal Music Academy in Berlin and received training as a Military Bandmaster (Music Meister). He graduated there on July 29, 1905.

On May 1, 1906, he was appointed conductor of the Military Chapel of the Infantry-Regiment Nr. 128 in Danzig (now: Gdańsk), making him the youngest conductor of a military band at the time. 

After the First World War he returned to the position of conductor at the Military Chapel of Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 128 in Danzig. In the Prussian Army he was appointed to the rank of a major.  Shortly afterwards, the city of Danzig was declared a Free City and all military troops, including the chapel of the Infantry-Regiment Nr. 128 had to get out of town. A police chapel with military structures was established in the Free City of Danzig. It became one of the leading German police chapels. 

From 1920 to 1945 he was a conductor and Ober Musik Meister in the rank of a major at the Musikkorps der Polizei der Freistadt Danzig. One of the highlights of this time was a concert with vocal soloists from the Teatro alla Scala from Milan on June 20, 1936 in Sopot (then Zoppot), in which the band of the Danzig police took part.

He died during the bombing of Danzig by the Russian air force in 1945. As a composer he wrote many works for concert band, including over 60 marches.

In this week’s show we feature his march Grup aus Danzig (Greetings from Danzig) which is played by Besses O’ th’ Barn Band and conducted by Roy Newsome in 1983.

Playlist  16 May 2021 

Recording Details 

Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010  'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010
Festival March Steadily Onwards - Erick Leidzen Black Dyke Band MD: Dr Nicholas Childs - 2011  'World Class Marches of the Salvation Army - Festival Marches Vol 3' - CD - Doyen Recording  DOY CD254 - 2011
Capriccio Italian  op45 - Tchaikovsky arr. John Howarth Buy as You View Cory Band MD: Dr. Robert Childs - 2005  'An Italian Night' - CD Obrasso Label  CD898 - 2004
My Funny Valentine - Richard Rodgers  arr. Adrian Drover Trombone Soloist Scott Stewart with the SWT Woodfalls  Band MD: David Barringer - 2005   'On Track' - CD - Amadeus Doyen Recording AMSCD087 - 2005
I Will Follow Him from the movie Sister Act - Franck Pourcel (using the pseudonym J.W. Stole) and Paul Mauriat (using the pseudonym Del Roma) arr. Alan Fernie  Brisbane City Temple Band of the Salvation Army (Australia) BM: Barrie Gott - 2002  'Swingtime' - CD - B&H Sound Service BCTB2002 - 2002
A Night in Havana - Goff Richards  Euphonium Soloist Steve Miles with the Brighouse and Rastrick Band MD: David Hirst - 2004  'Brighouse and Rastrick Band on a World Tour' - CD - Obrasso Recording CD895 - 2004
Simon Called Peter - Gilbert Vinter  CWS (Manchester) Band MD: Alex Mortimer - 1963  'Rhapsody in Brass' - Vinyl - Fontana recording - 1963
Nachtlied (Night Song) - Max Reger Brass Band Berner Oberland (Switzerland) MD: Carlo Balmelli - 2003  'Pearls' - CD - Power Music Switzerland - 2003
Battle Ready - Roger Trigg Enfield Citadel Band BM: Jonathan Corry - 2011  'Enfield Connections' - CD - SP&S CD284 - 2011
Can You Read My Mind (Superman - Love Theme) - John Williams  arr. Ray Farr Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag (Norway) MD: Ray Farr - 1997  'Best By Farr' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY CD059 - 1997
Grup aus Danzig (Greetings from Danzig) - Ernst Stieberitz Besses o'th Barn Band MD: Roy Newsome - 1980  'Around the World with Besses' - CD - Chandos Recording CHAN6571/2 - 1980
Alborada del Grazioso - Ravel arr. Derek Bourgeois Sun Life Band MD: Bryan Hurdley - 1994  'Bourgeois - Sun Life Band ' - CD - STA005CD - 1994
Symphony of Scarlet & Gold iii. Meditation -  Peter Graham Flugel Soloist Zoe Lovatt-Cooper and Baritone Soloist Katrina Marzella with the Black Dyke Band MD: Professor Nicholas Childs - 2015  'Black Dyke Gold' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY CD360 - 2015
The Vikings - Philip Sparke Eikanger Bjorsvik Musikklag (Norway) MD: Howard Snell - 1997  'Sparke - The Music of Philip Sparke' - CD - Doyen DOY  CD049 - 1997
Concerto for Horn - Bellini arr. Roy Newsome  Tenor Horn Soloist Gordon Higginbottom with the James Shepherd Versatile Brass - 2002  'Solo Reflections' - CD - Kirklees Recording KRCD1041 - 2002
Sousa on Parade - John Philip Sousa arr. King Palmer - For brass bands Denis Wright Onslow Brass Band (New Zealand) MD: Norman Goffin - 1969  'Captital Nrass' - Vinyl - Universal Music International Ltda - 1969
Don't Stop Me Now - Freddie Mercury arr. Philip Harper Leyland Band MD: Philip Harper - 2011   'The Age of Chivalry' CD - Doyen: DOYCD280 - 2011
Jubilee Overture - Philip Sparke  Brass Band of the Western Reserve (USA) MD: Dr Keith Wilkinson - 2010  'Without Reserve' - CD - BBWR -  2010
Celtic Fever - Darrol Barry Cory Band MD: Dr Robert Childs - 2011  'The Welsh Heroes' - CD - Obrasso Recording CD943 - 2011
March from Le Coq D'Or - Rimsky Korsakov arr. Alan Catherall  IMI Yorkshire Imperial Band MD: James Scott - 1989  'Pageantry' - CD - Polyphonic Recording QPRL 040D - 1989
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010​  'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010

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