Sunday Bandstand 14 February 2021

Sunday Bandstand 14 February 2021

Carl Gottlieb Reissiger was born  31 January 1798, Belzig and died on 7 November 1859, Dresden) was a German conductor and composer.

Reissiger attended the Thomas Schule zu Leipzig.  In 1821, he followed the example of the young Beethoven and went toVienna to study where he also studied theology at the University of Leipzig Reissiger continued his musical studies in France and Italy in 1824, under the sponsorship of the Prussian Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

After working for two years as the musical director of the Dresden Opera, he succeeded Carl Maria von Weber as the conductor of the Dresden Court in 1828 and held this office until his death in 1859.

A famous piece known as Weber's Last Waltz was actually written by Reissiger (one of his opus 26 Danses Brillantes) and is mentioned in Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher (1839) as one of Roderick Usher's favourite pieces of music; it is also the title of a 1912 film.

Reissiger left behind an extensive body of work that was distinguished above all by his vocal music, which included nine operas, one oratorio, nine Latin masses and another four in German, as well as sixty songs. 

Besides his own works, he also won fame for conducting the premiere of Wagner's opera Rienzi in 1842. Reissiger's most successful compositions were the operas which included Die Felsenmuhle (The Mill on the Cliff) which was first performed in 1830. His great masses, composed for Catholic services at Court, are known to have rich melodies and warm feeling. The same can be said of his hymns, motets, and songs, which have been included in many collections, as well as of his oratorio David.

In addition, Reissiger wrote and published various forms of orchestral and chamber music. While these works revealed his skill and inventiveness, they fell out of fashion after his death and he has sometimes been referred to as the forgotten composer.

In this week’s show we feature the overture from Die Felsenmuhle, which was arranged for brass bands by William Rimmer.

Playlist  14 February 2021

Recording Details 

Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010  'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010
The Wellingtonian March - Harold Scotney Boscombe Citadel Band BM: Geoff Otter - 1985  'Marching Along'  - Vinyl - PRA52 -1985
Overture: The Mill On The Cliff  (Die Felsenmuhle) - Carl Reissiger arr. William Rimmer Grimethorpe Colliery Band MD: George Thompson - 1967  'Black Diamonds- - Vinyl - Golden Guinea GGL0392 - 1967
Weiner Strassen (Streets of Venice) - Charles Antcliffe arr. Bram Gay Luton Band MD: Albert Coupe - 1971  'Splendour of Brass' - Vinyl - Carnival Recording 2928 004 - 1971
The Circus on Parade from the musical Jumbo - Richard Rogers arr.William (Dusty) James Duthoit Carlton Main and Frickley Colliery Band MD: Robert Oughton - 1971  'Salute to Richard Rogers' - Vinyl - Polydor Label 2485 009 - 1971
Finale from the Cello Concerto No. 1 - Haydn arr. Owen Farr Tenor Horn Soloist Ross Dunne with the Tredegar Town Band MD: Ian Porthouse - 2021  'Matryoshka' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY CD402 - 2021 -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Symphony of Thanksgiving - Dean Goffin Reg Vardy Band MD: John Ward - 2011  'Crusader - The Music of Dean Goffin' - CD - MCP Recordings:  CDMCPS001 - 2011
Romeo and Juliet Suite (Juliet the Young Girl) - Prokofiev - arr. Svein Gisk Eikanger-Bjorsvik Band (Norway) MD: Bjarte Engeset - 2008  'Romeo and Juliet for Brass Band ' - CD - Naxos 8.572193 - 2008
Romeo and Juliet Suite No. 3, Op. 101: V. Aubade (Morning Serenade)  Prokofiev - arr. Frode Rydland Eikanger-Bjorsvik Band (Norway) MD: Bjarte Engeset - 2008  'Romeo and Juliet for Brass Band ' - CD - Naxos 8.572193 - 2008
Freikugeln Polka  (Magic Bullets or Free-Shooter), ops 326 - Johann Strauss II arr. Sandy Smith  Fairey Band MD: Simon Stonehouse - 2009  'Fairey Band in Concert' - CD - Doyen Recording  DOYCD224 - 2009
Stage Centre - Goff Richards Wardle High School Band MD: Stuart Marshall - 1999  'Master Brass Vol 10 All England Masters Championships' - CD - Polyphonic Recording - QPRL201D - 1999
Finale to Act I of Tosca - Puccini arr. Philip Harper Cory Band MD: Philip Harper - 2015  'Cory in Concert V' - CD - Doyen Recording DOYCD346 - 2015
Departed Heroes - Bramwell Coles  Black Dyke Band MD: Dr. Nicholas Childs - 2011  'World Class Marches of the Salvation Army - Festival Marches Vol.3' - 2011
Alleluia - Mozart arr. Harry Mortimer  Cornet Soloist Gwyn Davies with the Morris Concert Band MD: Harry Mortimer - 1970  'Harry Mortimer conducts the famous Morris Concert Band' - Vynl - Music For Pleasure 1387 - 1970
Little Serenade - Ernest Tomlinson  Kings of Brass MD: James Scott - 1995  'Kings of Brass - Down Memory Lane Vol. 1' - CD - Kirklees Music KRCD 1019 - 1995
The Supervisor - Arthur Pryor arr. Andrew Berryman Trombone Soloist Andrew Berryman with the Wingates Band MD: John Dickinson - 2006  'Frolic for Trombones & Tuba' - CD - Amadeus Recording AMSC CD099 - 2006 
The Hope of Glory - Kenneth Downie New York Staff Band (USA) BM: Ron Waiksnoris - 2012  'Pressing Onwards - CD -  SP&S Recording - SP&S CD300 - 2012
Marching Sergeants - Edrich Siebert Morris Concert Band MD: Harry Mortimer - 1970  'Harry Mortimer conducts the famous Morris Concert Band' - Vynl - Music For Pleasure 1387 - 1970
Marche Slav - Tchaikovsky arr. Leonard Davies Massed Bands of Leyland and Sun Life MD: Harry Mortimer - 1991  'Master Brass Vol 2 All England Masters Championships' - CD - Polyphonic Recording QPRL 048D - 1991
New York Profile - Richard Phillips Kettering Citadel Band BM: Richard Phillips - 2011  'That's the Spirit' - CD - SP&S CD294 - 2011
Yorkshire Imperial March – Sam B. Wood IMI. Yorkshire Imperial Band MD: David Hirst - 1991  'Endeavour' - CD - Doyen DOY006 - 1991 
Lezghinka - Khachaturian arr. Howard Snell Sellers International Band MD: Philip McCann - 2004  'Somewhere in Time ' - CD - SP&S DOYCD184 - 2004
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010​  'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010

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