Sunday Bandstand - 2 - 1 November 2020

Sunday Bandstand - 2 - 1 November 2020

George Howard Clutsam (26.9.1866 – 17.11.1951) an Australian pianist, composer, and writer, best remembered for his 1922 arrangement of Lilac Time music written by Franz Schubert. He published over 150 songs.

He was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. His career began as a pianist, with little formal training. After establishing himself in Australia and New Zealand, he moved to London in 1889, where he continued as an accompanist to various artists including his fellow Australian Nellie Melba in 1893. From 1895 he moved to arrangement and composition of orchestral works and light opera.

He married Australian singer Minna Fischer on December 12, 1908.

Between 1908 and 1918 he wrote music criticism for The Observer and The Musical Times, while continuing to compose and arrange. In 1912, he wrote a biography of Franz Schubert. As well as the many stage works, he wrote numerous songs and later became Vice-Chairman of the Performing Right Society. He also wrote music for the silent cinema, and later for the ‘talkies’.

He published under a number of pseudonyms, namely Paul Aubry, Robert Harrington, H.S. Iseledon, Georges Latour and Ch.G. Mustal.

He died in London in 1951 at the age of 85.

Lilac Time – was a popular piece for brass band park engagements.  

Playlist  1 November 2020 - Brass Band Music of the 1950s   
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010
The Swashbuckler March -  H.R.Moreton (AKA Harry Mortimer) Massed Brass Bands Of Fodens, Fairey Aviation & Morris Motors MD: Harry Mortimer - 1967
Caliph of Baghdad -  Francois Adrien Boieldieu arr. William Rimmer Wingates Temperance Band MD: John Harrison - 1975
Deux Grotesques - 1) Balletomane 2) March of the Clowns - A. Picon (Anthony Spurgin )  arr. Dawson CWS (Manchester) Band - MD: Alex Mortimer - 1960
Lilac Time - Franz Schubert arr. George Howard Clutsom Massed Bands of Foden's Motor Works, Fairey Aviation and Morris Motors Band MD: Harry Mortimer  - 1964 
The Watermill - Ronald Binge Cornet Soloist Willie Barr with the Scottish CWS Band MD: Robert Oughton - 1971
The Tops - Tom Powell  All Star Concert Band MD: Harry Mortimer - 1954
Le Roi D'Ys - Eduard Lalo arr. Frank Wright (1959) Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Major George Willcocks - 1959
Skaters Waltz Op 183 - Emile Waldteuful  Fodens Band MD: Rex Mortimer - 1969
Napoleon Galop - Richard Martyn Munn and Felton's (Footwear) Band MD: Stanley Boddington
Rufford Abbey - Drake Rimmer  St Dennis Band MD: Eddie Williams - 1971
Carnival of Venice - Del Staigers  Cornet Soloist James Scott with the Munn and Felton's (Footwear) Band MD: Stanley Boddington - 1958
Whispering Brass - Peter Haysom arr. Bram Gay (1959) Massed Bands of Fodens, Fairey Aviation and Morris Motors MD: Harry Mortimer - 1969
Bolivar - Eric Cook Trombone Soloist John Pollard with the massed bands of Grimethorpe Colliery, Carlton Main Frickley, Markham Main GMD: Ray Jenkins - 1969
Iolanthe Selection - Sir Arthur Sullivan arr. Drake Rimmer (1957) Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Geoffrey Brand -1967
Calon Lan (The hymn tune Blaenwern) - Walter Rowlands  Leyland Band MD: Thomas Wyss - 2013
Lustpiel Overture - Kela Bela arr. Martyn Massed bands of Morris Concert; Ransome and Marles Works; Yorkshire Imperial Metals  and Camborne Town  GMD: Harry Mortimer - live at DeMont fort Hall Leicester - 22 march 1970
Poeme Op 41 No. 4 - Zdenek Fibich  Swiss Army Band (Switzerland) MD: Andreas Sporri - 1999
Cavalcade of Martial Songs - Horatio Nicholls arr: Gordon Mackenzie  Black Dyke Band MD: James Watson - 1997
Jamie's Patrol - Sidney Dacre  Tullis Russell Mills Band MD: Duncan S. Campbell - 1969
The Elephant March - James Ord Hume (1910) Black Dyke Band MD: James Watson - 1995
Farandole - Bizet arr. Drake Rimmer  Brass Band Oberaargauer (Switzerland) MD: Manfred Obrecht  - 1991
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010​

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