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Wedding of the Year - 1909

To see the bride arrive at the church in a white Rolls Royce is almost common place these days. In Edwardian Brighouse the first local bride to arrive in a motor car caused quite a stir.

Celebratory match at Hipperholme on the 'Old Brods' new pitch.... 16 November 1957

This photograph of 1957 celebrated a big day in the history of the Old Bodleian's rugby union football club. This was the occasion when the club saw its new ground on land known in those days as Smallwood's Field, which is now occupied by the Sandholme housing estate, officially opened by the Mayor Councillor Harry Edwards.

New Publication - Brighouse & District Heritage Newseum Magazine

January 24th 2018 brought a close to my 32 years of writing the weekly nostalgia column in the Brighouse Echo. Contrary to the impression that appeared in the Echo I have not retired and I am as keen as ever about the local history of Brighouse and its surround communities. It was the Echo who decided they could no longer publish my weekly contribution.  No one is indispensable and 32 years is a good run.  So what now ?


James W. Wrigley 1909

James W. Wrigley - He was Never found

The New Year opened in 1909 with plenty of optimism, beginning with the new Old Age Pension that was paid out in Brighouse on January 1st, throughout the year there would be ups and downs for many families in and around Brighouse. With new businesses opening and no doubt a few closing including some that would be completely destroyed by the ravages of fire.

I have no doubt there would also be the odd minor scandal, drawing little attention, beyond the immediate locality of where the scandal took place. But the name of James W. Wrigley and the scandal surrounding him would rock the very core of the Town Hall administration and the shock waves emanating from the incident would see the Town Clerk James Parkinson being forced to leave his post.

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