The Woodvale Silk Mill - 1885

The Woodvale Silk Mill - 1885

In 1878, Richard Kershaw had the opportunity of buying part of the Well Holme estate. Seeing the opportunity of having all his business under one roof he bought the site and immediately employed local architect George Hepworth to draw up plans for his new silk mill.

   In 1880, the mill was completed which he called Woodvale Silk Mills and was situated behind the present day police station in (Woodvale Road) Bradford Road.

   This was by far the largest mill in the district and employed as many as 700 workers when it was running at full capacity. A workforce that had to ensure the 40,000 spindles were kept working.

   He was considered to be a good employer, he was well thought of in his mill, around the community and by other mill owners in the area.  

   On Friday, December 27, 1985, large parts of the mill was destroyed by a huge fire.

Woodvale Mills 1884

Woodvale Silk Mill - 1884

Woodvale Mills Fire Friday 27 December 1985 low res

Woodvale Mill fire Friday December 27, 1985, (Photograph courtesy of Stuart Black)

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