Bad Weather Reveals the Past - But who were Seaton's ?

Bad Weather Reveals the Past - But who were Seaton's ?

Most Brighouse town centre shoppers will be familiar with M & A Locks in Bradford Road, the company that has been sorting our door locks and security hardware for just about 30 years. The recent bad weather caused significant damage to a number of shops signs. This photograph just shows how bad the wind and rain has been.

The M & A lock sign was brought down with the bad weather and exposed just for a few days a glimpse into the shop's past. The name of Seaton's, the owners of the shop back in the 1950s. This photograph from 1956 display's the same sign. The parade passing the shop shows the Mayor Alderman Harry Edwards who was the Brighouse mayor for 1956 and 1957. He is accompanied by his wife who was the mayoress.  

Seaton's shop is the one next up to the barbers shop which has the electric babers pole outside.

Bradford Road Mayor Harry Edwards with text 1956

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  • Vicky Dunning

    Vicky Dunning - Tuesday, 27 August 2019

    Hi, Chris

    I'm very interested in the Seaton's store. I am researching the Seaton family in Huddersfield. They ran a manufacturing confectioners in Fartown, Huddersfield, and also many toffee stalls throughout the north of England (and beyond). I have found a large number of classified ads for manageresses to run the various stalls, all from the 1900s to 1920s, stating that applicants should apply directly at the stall or write to Seaton's Limited, Fartown Confectionery Works, Huddersfield. One ad does stand out on it's own though, and that is one from the Manchester Evening News dated 21/10/1949. This is for a manageress for a sweets stall in Eccles Market Hall and asks the applicant to write to Seaton's Ltd, 29 Bradford Road, Brighouse. The date is after the founder, James William Earnshaw Seaton, died and his sons had moved on, as far as I am aware, to other jobs. I am wondering whether the Seaton's "brand" was bought out and the office depicted in your photographs was simply a head office for the running of the stalls. It certainly is not large enough to be manufacturing sweets! I would be interested to know if any of your readers have any other information,

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