The Difference !

The Difference !

The Ring O'Bells hostelry on Commercial Street. This was demolished as part of the town centre improvement and re-development scheme between 1969 and 1974.. Now I wonder who the small boy is that has been caught on camera on this image of 45 years ago? 



In Brighouse folk get off a bus,

At Lightcliffe they alight

And there they’re elevate

When a Brighouse man is ‘tight’.


At Clifton people go to bed,

At Lightcliffe they retire,

At morning rise, while Cliftonners

Get up and light fire


At Lane Head people often give

At Knowle Top they subscribe

In Birds Royd people sometimes drink

Near Coley, they imbibe.


At Brookfoot folk put on their clothes

In The Grove the people dress

They’re otherwise in dishabille

At Brookfoot in a mess


In murky Brighouse people live

Near The Stray they reside

And Lightcliffe people who expire

In Brighouse would have died


And when upon the closing scene

The passing bell is heard

In Brighouse they’ll be buried

But in Lightcliffe they’re interred


And later when on that great day

The world comes to an end

While Brighouse saints go up above

From Lightcliffe they’ll ascend.


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