1961 - wow....where have all the years gone ? - It only seems like yesterday.

This photograph shows those students who were in 1F at Rastrick Common School in 1961: Back Row (left to right): Brian Mayall; Russell Hirst; Richard Iredale; Philip Iredale; Steven Cornwall; Robert Shipley; Brian Watmough and Richard Kitchen.

2nd Row from the back: Leslie Holdsworth; Susan Skitmore; Carolyn Squire; Denise Green; Judith Pratt; Carole Rook and Allan Shaw. 

3rd Row from the back: Margaret Dyson; Jennifer Rayner; Susan Hargreaves; Kathleen Barker; Christine Chamber; Margaret Lockwood and Christine Garling.

Front Row: Michael Binns; unknown; John Rowe and Denis Foxton.     

...and for those of you who have forgotten the teachers all those years ago here are the names of some you may remember: Mr Bottomley – Head Teacher; Mr and Mrs Furness; Mr Kendal Staff; Miss Coates; Mr Harling; Mr Wilf Lunn – the celebrated artist – Mr Northin; Miss Nichols; Mrs Hodge; Mr Settle; Mrs Carrol; Mr Furness; Mrs Moss and Mr Watling. 

This photograph is 56 years old. I wonder if any of them are still in the Brighouse area ?




  • Martin Hardy

    Martin Hardy - Friday, 06 August 2021

    I left in 1977. I remember frank fox very well as my History teacher he ruled with a iron fist ! My form teacher was peter thrush. Mr Smith was head master. There was also Mr Wood the woodwork teacher!! and Mr Furness the metalwork teacher.
    Good days

  • John Thorpe

    John Thorpe - Thursday, 15 July 2021

    To Greald Hogg I'm John Thorpe and went to Rastrick Common secondary school between 1957 and left Christmas 1959. I also lived at Smith Homes during that time
    Maths teacher was nick names Pin Head. I think that would be Mr Hughes
    The only teacher who could keep my attention and thanks to him, I had a great career in mechanical engineering
    The only girl I can remember was called Eunice

  • Michael crowther

    Michael crowther - Thursday, 03 December 2020

    Hi I remember Mr settle and Mr furness the headmaster was a Mr Smith and my form teacher was Frank fox, I left in the early 70s then went to work for redfern and bedfords

  • Martyn Rangeley

    Martyn Rangeley - Monday, 24 February 2020

    Hello Chris, my name is Martyn, I went to Rastrick County from Carr Green Juniors around 1965 until leaving school. They were fun times for the most part. From what I recall; Harrison Settle was the science teacher, Mr Furness was the metalwork teacher, Mr Bottomly was head and Mr England was deputy head. We had an English teacher called Mrs Tasker, she was so slim we called her 'Twiggy' Tasker. I hope this will jog the memories for any other ex 'commoners' When I left there I went on to Brooksbank School Elland for an extra year before starting work in Brighouse as an engineer. After 9 years in the RAF I worked on the airlines until retiring.

  • Raymond Brook

    Raymond Brook - Tuesday, 04 June 2019

    Hi Cris. I am Raymond Brook I left the school in 1949,I am 85 years old and I played Football and Cricket for the School Teams. Some of the Teachers I remember Mr Parr Headmaster, Mr Hughes Maths and Sports, Miss Wood History, Miss Rainer Music, Mr Normington Geography. There were others who I have forgotten about. It’s all a long time ago but happy times.

  • ken garling

    ken garling - Tuesday, 29 January 2019

    Hi Gerry,,my name is Ken Garling I am now77 years old now,I left Rastrick secondary modern in school 1956 I was Head Boy when we won both the Turn wright cup and inters school shield I have photos of the team including Gwynn Merrifield which I can forward to you in due course .Can you tell me when the school stopped teaching and closed its doors. I no live in West Sussex .Regards Ken Garling

  • gerald hogg

    gerald hogg - Sunday, 22 July 2018

    hello my name Gerry I left rastrick common school approx. 1960 the only teacher I reconise was a mr settle I remember Gwynn murifield a very good runner I raced him in my last year there he won im now 74 age looking for memories of those days I was one of the inmates of the William henry smith school do you have any one with memories of those times the internet has no records on show of the home in that period I went to bethel
    Methodist church a visiting preacher called david steel who told us as kids some smashing tom boy stories all with a smashing end relivant to every day life regards gerry

  • Joyce Quarmby. nee Crowther

    Joyce Quarmby. nee Crowther - Saturday, 14 July 2018

    Hi Chris don’t suppose you have a photo of Mr Northin s class of 1962 the year we left or any photos of the years 1957 to 62 at rastrick secondary

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