My Journey - Derick Kane Euphonium Soloist

My Journey - Derick Kane Euphonium Soloist

Derick Kane - Euphonium Soloist 

Internatiuonal Staff Band of the Salvation Army

BM: Track 1,4,7-14 Dr, Stephen Cobb - Track 2,3,6 BM: Ray Bowes - Track 5 BM: Robert Redhead. 

SP&S Recording; SPS423CD

If anyone solo had to be associated with Derick it must be the opening track The Better World by Norman Bearcroft. It remains a favourite for top euphonium players but derrick has really made it his own. Fine technique, his warm singing sound, but most of all his fine musical approach sum up the attributes of this performance.

Several air and variation solos are featured and they all reveal the qualities outlined above. However, it is in the slow works that his devotion to the purposes of SA music is most apparent. The first is again by Norman Bearcroft, Jesus I come to You, played with such ease and simplicity yet conveying the meaning of the words with emotional sounds and wonderful phrasing.

William Himes’s Journey into Peace is perhaps the most profound work and reward revisiting. Richard Phillips arrangement of In Christ Alone is another example of Derick’s cantabile style, set against a bolero-like accompaniment.

One work is actually written by Derick himself and is called That’s the Spirit and you can sense the enjoyment in this performance. The bonus track sees Derick and his son Stephen performing The Flower Duet by Delibes and arranged by Derick.

What a career he has enjoyed, joining the ISB in 1976 and giving over 40 years of service as principal euphonium to the band. As a solo CD, it is one to dip into but every track will reward the listener. The sleeve notes are excellent.

Highly recommended.


1. The Better World  - Norman Bearcroft - (Forte CD SPS400 2016) - [9.17]

2. We'll all shout Hallelujah - Norman Audoire - (The ISB at Abbey Road SPS021 1982) - [5.24]

3. Jesus, I come to Thee - Norman Bearcroft - (The Dawning SPS055 1987) - [3.20]

4. The Song of the Brother - Erik Leidzen - (Heritage Series Vol 1 - Music from the 1930s SPS249 2009) [7.49]

5. Journey into Peace - William Himes - (Blazon SPS09 1991) [8.20]

6. A Joy Untold - Terry Camsey - (ISB USA - BAB 3525 - 1980) - [ 2.02]

7. Canaan's Land - Peter Graham - (Seize the Day SPS267 2010) - [8.33]

8. Annie Laurie - David Catherwood - (Lyric Variations SPS127 1999) - [3.29]

9. Scottish Variants - Stephen Bulla - (Fire in the Blood SPS310 2012) - [7.02]

10.In Christ Alone - Keith Getty & Stuart Townend arr: Richard Phillips - (Supremacy SPS228 2007) - [3.37]

11.Bravura - Peter Graham - (The Kingdom Triumphant SPS169 2003) - [5.36]

12.When He Cometh - Howard J. Evans - (Forte SPS400 - 2016) - [5.07]     

13.That's the Spirit - Derick Kane - (Larsson in Brass SPS413 2018) - [3.00]


14. Bonus Track: The Flower Duet with Stephen Kane - Delibes arr: Derick Kane - (Forte SPS400 2016) - [6.10]


John Edward

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