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Cory Band MD: Philip Harper

Tewit Silver Band MD: Martin Hall

Uppermill Band MD: Dean Redfern

South Yorkshire Police MD: Leigh Baker

Unison Kenneil Band MD: Raymond Tennant

Black Dyke Band  MD: Professor Nicholas Childs

Doyen Recording: DOY CD395


Cory Band MD: Dr. Robert Childs / Philip Harper

Brighouse and Rastrick Band MD: Dr. David Thornton

GUS Band MD: Chris Jeans

Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles

Featured bands include: 

Eikhanger-Bjorsvik Musiklag. Cory Band, Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern,  Paris Brass Band,  Brighouse & Rastrick, Valaisia Brass Band, Brass Band Regensburg, Wardle Academy Youth Band, Catch Basin Brass Band, BMI Talents and the European Youth Brass Band.

World of Brass Recording: SKU: 100534

Foden's Band 

MD: Michael Fowles & Russell Gray

Doyen Recording: DOY CD391 


Cory Band 

MD: Philip Harper

Doyen Recording: DOY  CD390

Black Dyke Band 

MD: Profesor Nicholas J. Childs

Doyen Recording: DOY CD392

Black Dyke Band 

MD: Professor Nicholas Childs

Doyen Recording: DOY CD393

The Household Troops Band of the Salvation Army

BM: Carl Saunders

SP&S Recording: 426CD

Derick Kane - Euphonium Soloist 

Internatiuonal Staff Band of the Salvation Army

BM: Track 1,4,7-14 Dr, Stephen Cobb - Track 2,3,6 BM: Ray Bowes - Track 5 BM: Robert Redhead. 

SP&S Recording; SPS423CD

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